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Monday, April 24, 2017

May Erin Find Peace in Heaven...

Sweet Angelic Erin

OH Erin…now you will finally have the peace you wanted so badly here on earth. Rest In It serenely now…too soon
I will always remember Erin with her sweet smile that greeted me on the very first day I walked onto the set of Happy Days in 1974. She was only nine years old. For the next ten years that smile never faded. Unfortunately yesterday it did. My condolences go out to her family. She will always be locked in my heart
-Henry Winkler
Such sad sad news. RIP Erin. I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens
-Ron Howard
I am so incredibly sad to hear about Erin. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring, talented woman. As I write this I can’t really comprehend this right now. A very painful loss. It gives me some comfort to know that she’s with Tom, Al, Pat and Garry.  Rest In Peace, sweet Erin.
-Don Most

Erin was a person who made everyone around her feel better. She truly cared about others first, a true angel. I will miss her so much, but know that she is in God’s hands. RIP sweet angel.
-Anson Williams
She would go to school, and she would come back after a break and would have to fit into all the jokes we were doing on the set and pick up fast exactly where we were — which she could. She was the quickest, fastest little kid. Wonderful. This breaks my heart.
-Marion Ross
May people remember Erin for her contagious smile, warm heart, and animal loving soul. I always hoped she could find peace in her life. God has you now, Erin.
-Scott Baio
Tom Bosley (RIP 2010) and Erin Moran (RIP 2017)

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